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7 Vibes Journey

Mittwoch, 16. September 2020

A creation from Zurich by local artists for dancer, music-lovers, mindfulness-seekers and party-goers! 7 Vibes Journey creates a multi level party experience in the club at a decent hour from relaxation and exploration up to dance and celebration. Every Vibe has its own ambience, tempo and content, which is accompanied by talented artists, performers and instructors. A plane ride from zero to hero and landing home after all.

Multilevel ExperienceLive
Music Line-Up
Playful Movement
Live Painting
Live Drums
Healthy Drinks
Live Performance
Face Painting

Spherical melodic soundscapes
Deep down beats
Punchy up beats

Experience the magic of a Journey where we lose ourselves to seven eras, get surrounded by spherical music and visual elements and celebrate together with hundreds of new friends in a meaningful way. The next edition is called “Alchemia” and will take place on Wednesday 16th of September on the biggest dance floor of Hive in Zurich.